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Q: What kind of advertising does RE/MAX provide for agents?

A: Sales associates at RE/MAX HOME CONNECTION have advertising space available to them in several LOCAL publications including:

  • Homes and Estates Magazine

The cost of this advertising is charged to the agents monthly.
There are numerous RE/MAX websites which are also linked to property listings and they include the www.remax.com site. These links are provided free to all member RE/MAX sales associates.

Q: What happens to the lead calls coming into the offices on the properties I've advertised at Re/Max?

A: Our goal at RE/MAX HOME CONNECTION is for you to capture 100% of the lead calls you generate through your advertising efforts. You will promote and advertise your own private (direct) telephone number and direct all incoming calls as you desire. For calls coming into the main number of our office, trained professional staff will answer those calls and direct them to you.

Q: If a buyer or seller is not represented and calls RE/MAX HOME CONNECTION for information or is in need of assistance, what happens to that call?

A: Lead calls coming into the office are handled on a "up schedule" rotation. We strive to be as fair as possible to the buyer or seller, but most importantly always fair to our customer - the RE/MAX Home Connection Associate.

Q: How are the offices staffed?

A: At RE/MAX HOME CONNECTION we are extremely proud of the administrative Team we've assembled. Our office has a full time, professional staff member to answer the telephone and direct calls to the appropriate destination. Additionally, we have professional staff managing the offices on weekends.

Q: Does RE/MAX allow Teams?

A: RE/MAX encourages the team concept. We embrace the concept of a Team Leader and Team Members working under our umbrella. Truly encouraging the associate to be in business FOR themselves, but not BY themselves.

Q: Who started RE/MAX?

A: Dave Liniger, at age 27. founded RE/MAX in 1973. In 1974 he formed RE/MAX of America, Inc. In 1981 RE/MAX of America Inc. became RE/MAX International. In 1998 RE/MAX achieved a world record when audited figures of sales associates production showed RE/MAX associates were involved in 1 million transaction sides - the first real estate organization to ever pass that milestone. This achievement was translated into an advertising slogan that allows RE/MAX to claim that "no one in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX." RE/MAX now has associates and offices in over 47 countries on 6 continents and counts more than 3993 offices with more than 87,000 associates worldwide.

Q: Who owns RE/MAX?

A: Each office is independently owned and operated. RE/MAX is a franchise. It is the world's largest real estate network. The RE/MAX system has International, Regional and local offices worldwide.

RE/MAX International Franchise is owned by co-founders and Realtors Dave and Gail Liniger of Denver, Colorado. They serve respectively as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer for RE/MAX International, Inc.

RE/MAX is "main street" - not "wall street". Our primary customer is the RE/MAX Sales Associate. RE/MAX is the only leading real estate system owned and managed by Realtors!

Q: What is the "RE/MAX Concept"?

A: RE/MAX means "Real Estate Maximums". RE/MAX is a concept which offers Sales Associates the highest possible compensation in exchange for their fair share of the business overhead expenses. The RE/MAX philosophy is that if you earn a commission - you should keep it!

RE/MAX offers Sales Associates professional freedom and a "power partnership." Some of the office expenses are shared and paid for by the Sales Associates. All Sales Associates have a vested interest in controlling expenses, and this will assure that the Owner/Broker and Sales Associates will be In business for the long term.

The role of the Owner-Broker is to provide and manage services and systems which enable Sales associates to do what they do best- list and sell real estate. Compensation for that role, called the management or administrative fee, is a modest fee added to the associates' monthly business expenses to provide compensation for the Broker/Owner's financial risks, a return on investment, and a modest income.

"RE/MAX" stands for:

Maximum commission
Maximum image
Maximum support services
Maximum value for the public
Maximum professional conduct
Maximum service rendered by the associate

Q: What is the RE/MAX culture?

A: RE/MAX promotes a performance culture.

At RE/MAX you get a return on effort. Top agents don't support the bottom percentile because office expenses are divided equitably among all agents. In fact, RE/MAX is the perfect "experienced agent" company. Agents are in charge of their own business and receive the benefits of every lead their marketing efforts generate.

RE/MAX is the perfect co-op because it allows the agent to enjoy all the advantages of owing their own business without all of the disadvantages. Agents are provided the environment and support that promotes competition, professionalism, and maximizes the opportunity to succeed.

RE/MAX promotes high standards, ethics, and professionalism in our industry by offering training events and opportunities for agents to network and enhance their knowledge and skills.

RE/MAX agents are distinguished by holding more real estate professional designations than agents with any other real estate company. And it is true that a correlation between designations held and increased earnings has long existed in our industry.

The RE/MAX brand has become synonymous with the best service in real estate. One of the primary benefits of RE/MAX affiliation is the brand recognition and use of the trademarks, slogans and trade names.

Q: Why is the hot air balloon an official corporate logo for RE/MAX?

A: The hot air balloon became an official corporate logo after the RE/MAX Balloon debut at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival In 1978. Today RE/MAX has the world's largest corporate hot air balloon fleet (over 90). It is one of the top ten most recognized logos in North America, and one of the most widely recognized logos in the real estate industry.

Q: How do referrals work?

A: RE/MAX has a vast and efficient referral network that is a major Source of additional income to RE/MAX Sales Associates. Within The RE/MAX system referral selections are made directly to the agent and not to the office or to affiliate service providers or other company profit centers. Mailing lists, referral directories are available to all Sales Associates, and there are numerous impressive web sites at all levels (International, National, Regional, and local) to direct referrals.

Compare the RE/MAX website (www.RE/MAX.com) to other real estate company websites to notice how the primary focus is to locate a Sales Associate and direct the business to our Sales Associate- not other company profit centers and service providers!

Q: What are some of the unique programs RE/MAX has to offer?

A: They include:

  • "ServiceMagic" which is an online resource to locate local service professionals for more that 485 types of home services, including painters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, maid services, etc. "ServiceMagic" locates the right local provider and offers neighbor rating and reviews about these local professionals.
  • "Lowes Realtor Benefits" which allows realtors to build there business with free person marketing tools from Lowe's. Allows agetns to send marketing, email newsletters, home improvement tips, coupons, etc. to benefit their clients.
  • Websites like www.RE/MAX.com

  • Intranet "Mainstreet" for member Sales Associates only! You can download listing presentations, market share statistics, etc. from various national and district website "intra-nets"

  • Customized RE/MAX software to store contacts such as "RE/MAX Agent 2000" or "Top Producer".

  • RE/MAX Satellite Network "RSN"

  • National advertising & name recognition

  • National discounts on goods and services

  • Sponsorship of national charity and special events such as Children's Miracle Network and Susan G. Komen for The Cure.

  • Regional, National, and International conferences and conventions.

  • RE/MAX Roster Explorer - looking to send or receive a referral? This data supplied by agents provides detailed information on all RE/MAX associates and offices around the world.